Who has never dreamed how would be your perfect wedding? When you decide to get married, you look for the best for your partner and you; it will be one of the most important days of your life.

With experience backed by hundreds of couples, we design you day to measure, making a wedding completely unusual and totally personalised. Only you have to dress for the day, send invitations and hired a photographer and we will do the rest.

With our professional team and our wide experience in holding weddings, we guarantee to make it happen.

Choose the right time to get married; the choice is short and however, eternal.

B Takora Lounge Restaurant, ganador Wedding Awards 2018


Undoubtedly one of the greatest charms of Btakora location is the view offered by nature, in this case, the beach and fish auction. This landscape will make your wedding a memory forever, where the sea, waves, sand, boats and sundown will be the protagonists of a unique and idyllic unbeatable photography.

Btakora is the ideal place in every way to seduce.


The environment that surrounds Btakora allows you to carry a paradisiacal landscape. The warmth of the sun, the contact with the sea breeze and the sand on the beach will make your wedding to be intimate, unusual and if you were in a film.

We create the best environment possible for your day, always accompanied by great location where we offering you a unique place to take advantage of all the advantages included being so near the sea.




Our wedding planner will be your right hand, who will guide you all the time and at every step, coordinating everything you need so you do not have to worry about anything else than living emotions in such as an important day.


We recommend you from our experience models of invitations that can fit more at a wedding at sea. We have lots of other fun, stylish and innovative to be able to stand out in every way.


Our wedding planner takes into account every detail to decorate the entire space with the utmost care, taste and appreciation. They will take care of every detail to make every corner with a warm, fresh and romantic line with the taste of the bride and groom.


We have a great DJ who will accompany brightening every moment, from the first minute until the end of your evening.





Formed by a large team of professionals, we offer a unique service and quality, with flavours that will be successful in your invitation.


Enjoy the innovative cocktails of the moment, to make your wedding a unique evening.


We advise on the best wedding photographers who specialize in working in a completely professional, close and spontaneous.


The same photographers that we propose will make the video, immortalizing every moment of your wedding, thus, an engraved memory for posterity.


We offer a trusted company with excellent money with which you can remember the day of your dreams from a perspective that you had never imagined.

You want to achieve the wedding of your dreams?

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