Showcooking Nitro and molecular gastronomy

Showcooking Nitro and molecular gastronomy

BTAKORA introduces the molecular gastronomy to our showcookings. And it’s being a total success!

Nitrogen is the cryogenic fluid most commonly used to cool, freeze or store food products. This technology allows freezing any food at very low temperatures (-196ºC), by immersion or by spraying. The main purpose is to obtain frozen foods of excellent quality through the application of liquid nitrogen that provides freezing, paralyzing enzymatic and microbial phenomena.

The technique of cooking with liquid nitrogen allows innovating and making impossible dishes without this method. Cold cooking plays the same role as the kitchen with heat and, in addition, reduces bacterial processes and is even healthier. The gastronomic experience is also enriching, since the cold cooking offers cold-heat sensations, with an interior cooked at the usual temperature (55ºC, for example) and a frozen and crispy exterior.

And as an example, our “lollipops”. Want to see how we do it?

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