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At Btakora offer you a gastronomic offer of big quality, bet for the innovation and the development and have the best squad to customise the event at your taste, with the best views at the sea.



FROM THE SEA TO THE PLATE is our philosophy, accompanied by a gourmet quality and fresh product, taking the advantage offered by being a few meters from the fish auction of Arenys de Mar.

With the expertise of our chefs select each product with all the dedication and care they require.


Imagine being able to enjoy any meal on the seafront, watching the sunset in lovely surroundings?

The warm interior inspired by the sea and the idyllic atmosphere that accompanies us, do not want your day never ends. Let yourself go…

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Our chef, Marc Sincalbares has designed a menu which highlights the essence of the flavour and freshness of its protagonists; nearbyand local products.


They are marked by the combination of fresh produce offered daily by fish market, with which we get a variety of rice and fish to offer our guests.



Cakes made in our workshop with handmade products, with the best ingredients and the highest quality.



At the top of the restaurant is situated the finger bar that is born of the concept and philosophy of the “finger food”, proposed to enjoy food with less formalism and creativity. We have a variety of dishes ideal to share in company.




Our barman will prepare the most innovative and exclusive cocktails for the moment to enjoy the end of the night, with more rhythm than ever.


Request us more information filling our form.

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